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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Celebrity Leather Jackets

1. Choose a style that suits you best

Celebrity leather jackets come in a wide range of styles and whereas your style could be guided by who your favorite is, you still want to make sure that you will be most comfortable in the jacket style that you select. Consider how easy it will be to dress the jacket. For instance, if you love skinny jeans, consider whether the style of jacket will look great paired with it or whether it will require you to make a change in the pairing up. Some are sportier while others could come with elasticated hems, cuffs and even collars. Some are zipped while others are buttoned, some short others are long. Make sure you are getting a celebrity style that you are sure you can pull off so you buy a leather jacket that you will love wearing.

2. Select the best skin

Celebrity jackets are made using different skins that can determine the comfort of the jacket, durability and the performance. Leather tanning is a complex process, but when you know the skin options you have then you will have an even easier time choosing a good jacket. Leather comes from a number of animals and each has its pros and cons. Research on each so you get to know which are highly water resistant, durable, soft, stiff, flexible, thin, light, heavy, thick and delicate. If you are buying from a good site, then you should be provided with all important details of the jackets you are about to buy to help you make the best choice.

3. Focus on the finish and fit

The finishing determines the quality, whereas the fit determines how comfortable and good you look at the celebrity jacket that you select. Check the zips, lining quality and seam stitching outside and inside. To get the perfect fit, know your shoulder measurements, chest measurements and know the length that you feel will be best for you. They will all come in handy in helping you select a celebrity jacket that is high in quality and fits you perfectly.

Ed Hardy Shirts

Don Ed Hardy’s ability to experiment through 40 years of tattooing experience has earned him the moniker of “the Godfather of the Modern Tattoo.” In his use of art histories from the cultures such as; Cholo, American and Japanese he has shown a rare talent and creativity for combing these icons with designs associated with hotrod, surfing and tattoo cultures. The result of his perspective is a uniquely blended expression that has made him famous in the tattoo community.

The clothing manufacturer, Ku USA, Inc. and Don Ed Hardy signed a license agreement in 2002 to manufacture a clothing line featuring his art. Two years later interest in his designs from major clothing companies began to grow.

In 2004, Christian Audigier took interest in Don Ed Hardy’s use of fantasy images in tattoo body art themes such as “Love Kills Slowly” and “Death Before Dishonor.” As a result Audigier and Hardy reached an agreement that gave Audigier exclusive rights to use his designs as the “Ed Hardy” brand. The clothing focuses on lifestyle couture and street culture.

Born in Avignon, France, fashion designer Christian Audigier now lives in Los Angeles. Audigier is called “The King of Jeans” from his success as a designer for apparel manufacturers such as; “Fiorucci,” “Levi’s,” “Diesel” and “American Outfitters.” Before creating the Ed Hardy brand, Audigier was the Head Designer at Von Dutch Originals, famous for the legendary Kustom Kulture imagery of artist Von Dutch which became a top fashion item for many celebrities around the world.

Audigier’s charm and close identification to the entertainment world is part of the reason for his success. His interest in this lifestyle is responsible for many of his innovative marketing campaigns which have focused on direct promotion to a celebrity clientele.

Maternity Styling

The great thing about rich colors is that they are incredibly versatile and look beautiful next to any skin tone or hair color. While nudes or grays can wash out many people, deep colors play up your best features and really make a statement. As super-chic and famed celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe writes in her fun fashion guide, “…rich jewel tones tend to look good on almost everyone… Pale or dark, my clients tend to look best in colors that are rich and bold… These are colors that pop and look striking on just about anyone.”

This example is clear with the dresses seen at the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards this year. Sandra Bullock looked gorgeous in a deep quartz purple gown, Gabourey Sidebe looked glamorous in a bold blue dress, and Lea Michelle shown in a stunning jeweled teal gown. Whether you are fair skinned or darker, have brown hair or blonde, most deep and bold colors are complimentary to your coloring.

While these rich tones look gorgeous on a red carpet with the cameras flashing, they look equally as good in day to day life. A deep purple blouse or a cute red cami looks great paired with a pair of dark wash denim jeans. Pair a sapphire blue top with a cute skirt and you have a winning combination. When pregnant, a gorgeous empire waist top in a vibrant color or a cute wrap dress in a rich hue is an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

If looking for a maternity top to wear daily, from work to an evening out, a great choice is the Teal D&A Sash Maternity/Nursing Top from Japanese Weekend. This gorgeous teal color will make you feel radiant, and a deep v-neck and empire waist are figure flattering. This look and color is work appropriate yet also perfect for an evening out.

Another great maternity option is the Knit Flutter Top from Maternal America. A rich fuchsia color combined with a flattering flutter front design looks great with anything from jeans and flats to black pants and heels. Consider some gorgeous color options as you add to your spring wardrobe!

Must Have Fashion Books

Glamour Girls. Writer: Patrick McMullan
PMC Publishing, 316 pp.
Price: $75

It is basically a photo album of famous and beautiful ladies rather than being a book. This celebrity photographer has photographed more than 1000 sexy ladies in the world who have given a new dimension to the world of fashion. Uma Thurman and Angelina Jolie are only two of them. These photographs, added with texts, arrange for us a fairytale journey in the world of celebrity fashion.

The Black Dress. Writer: Valerie Steele
Collins Design, 112 pp.
Price: $20

The fact that how black has survived through the course of history, and has remained always the most practical choice of fashion lovers, seems to be a definite inspiration for the writer. This is a visual translation of this “black” trend. He has worked a lot to present a vibrating collection of classic stills from movies, designer sketches and photographs of celebrities describing the charm and greatness of black. The collection of quotes on black is an added feature.

Forever Cool: How to Achieve Ageless, Youthful and Modern Personal Style for Men and Women. Writer: Sherrie Mathieson
Clarkson Potter, 256 pp.
Price: $23

Probably the most real, it comes with a truckload of tips and advices for all who have crossed their 40’s. The book contains no photo of famous personalities but shows the people of locality in an elegant manner. The book compares a pre-grooming photo of a real life model to his/her post-grooming one illustrating the difference. The writer gives simple but exciting tips which are more than enough to any middle-aged person to come back on the right track of fashion.